7. PREDICT: European harmonised large scale patient-oriented PATHOgenesis research Studies in response to severe ID outbreaks –workpackage 7

European Diagnostic Platform for REsearch and support on Diagnostics for Infectious disease Clinical Trails.

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Key Objectives

This study aims to:

  1. establish a European PREPARE laboratory facility that can provide diagnostic capacity to support the clinical studies in PRACTICE, and to establish the PREPARE Biobank for storing and distributing well-characterised strains and clinical specimens that come from existing collections and prospective sampling in PRACTICE studies;
  2. validate rapid diagnostic tests on homogenous platforms such as Biocartis Idylla and DMAT for viruses and bacteria with epidemic potential, including multi-resistant organisms, and to deploy those techniques for the pathogens with epidemic potential studied in WP 3-4 or in response to new epidemic strains;
  3. develop and standardise bacterial Whole Genome Mapping to enable real-time, high resolution outbreak management, and to deploy available new viromics technologies for viral epidemic identification and follow-up;
  4. develop generic SOPs for harmonisation of laboratory-based (in-house) pathogen detection protocols; to conduct external quality assessment for their evaluation; and to incorporate those generic SOPs in clinical trials;
  5. develop standardised multiplex serological tests for potentially epidemic viral pathogens;
  6. perform ad-hoc development and deployment of detection assays in case of epidemics, including (i) provision of positive controls, (ii) follow-up of implementation by questionnaires and EQA; (iii) second-generation test deployment (ready-to-use tests) by involvement of industry.


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Marion Koopmans Liaison to WP3
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