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Hospital Care

Complementary to the GRACE/TRACE PC network, PREPARE will include the Hospital network.

COMBACTE (Combating Bacterial Resistance in Europe), is a broad European network of over 250 fully capable and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant clinical investigation sites in 32 European countries.

CAPNETZ is a network of competence for community-acquired pneumonia funded through the German Ministry of Education and Research in 2002..

PENTA-ID: The Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS was established in 1991. In 2011 PENTA became officially PENTA-ID expanding its scope from HIV infection to other infections such as hepatitis, TB and antimicrobial use. In January 2011 PENTA was established as a European Category 1 Network for Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (EnprEMA).

SERGAS: Servicio Galego de Saude is an autonomous administrative body responsible for the management and provision of health services in the Public National Health Care system in the Region of Galicia, Spain.

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