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A systematic review of clinical guidelineson the management of acute, community-acquired CNS infections

Entered on 16-09-2019

BMC Medicine - 2019 Authors: Sigfrid, L., Perfect, C., Rojek, A., Longuere, K.S., Lipworth, S., Harriss, E., Lee, J., Salam, A., Carson, G., Goossens, H., Horby, P.  Abstract  The epidemiology of CNS infections in Europe is dynamic, requiring that clinicans have access to up-to-date clinical management guidelines (CMGs) to aid identification of emerging i... read more

New PREPARE Leaflet

Entered on 27-05-2019

Want to know more information on PREPARE? Download and read our new leaflet here! 

Advancing preparedness for clinical research during infectious disease epidemics

Entered on 23-05-2019

ERJ open research - May 2019 Authors: Gobat N., Amuasi J., Yazdanpanah Y., Sigfrid L., Davies H., Byrne J.-P., Carson G., Butler C., Nichol A., Goossens H. Conlusion Being ready to deliver clinically useful research in the narrow timeframe available during an infectious disease epidemic requires pre-planning pre-positioning and practice of research responses. ... read more

ECRAID-Plan Presentation

Entered on 21-01-2019

ECRAID-Plan Presentation Authors: Goossens H., Bonten M. Kicking off on January 17th 2019 with a high-level meeting in Brussels, PREPARE and COMBACTE will commence the development of the business plan for ECRAID, the European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases. ECRAID envisages a European-wide sustainable clinical research organization for infect... read more

Preparedness for clinical research during pandemics: a perspective from the Platform for European Preparedness Against (Re-)emerging Epidemics (PREPARE)

Entered on 28-11-2018

The Lancet - November 2018 Authors: Gobat N., van Someren Gréve F., Sigfrid L., Reusken C. B., Deege F., Carson G., Horby P., Koopmans M., de Jong M. D., Goossens H. Meeting abstract A new or re-emerging infectious disease pandemic ranks among the highest priorities for civic contingency planning. Despite advances in preclinical and clinical research methods... read more

What members of the public think about taking part in medical research during an influenza pandemic: an international cross-sectional survey across eight OECD countries

Entered on 28-11-2018

The Lancet - November 2018 Authors: Gobat N., Butler C. C., Harris V., Gal M., Francis N. A., Mollison J., Byrne J.-P., Watkins A., Hood K., Moore R., Sukumar P., Webb S. A. R., Nichol A. Meeting Abstract Patients and the public are primary beneficiaries and contributors to pandemic-relevant clinical research. We aimed to understand their views about participat... read more

Laboratory preparedness and response with a focus on arboviruses in Europe

Entered on 21-11-2018

Clinical Microbiology and Infection - March 2018  Authors: Reusken C.B., Ieven M., Sigfrid L., Eckerle I., Koopmans M.  Abstract The global health burden of arboviruses is continuously rising, which results in increasing pressure on local and (inter)national laboratory infrastructures. Timely and accurate diagnosis of cases is one of the main pillars for ... read more

Preparing clinicians for (re-)emerging arbovirus infectious diseases in Europe

Entered on 21-11-2018

Clinical Microbiology and Infectious - March 2018 Authors: Sigfrid L., Reusken C., Eckerle I., Nussenblatt V., Lipworth S., Messina J., Kraemer M., Ergonul O., Papa A., Koopmans M., Horby P. Abstract Arthropod-borne virus (Arbovirus) infections are considered an emerging threat for Europe, with an increase in cases in recent decades. The increase in global travel a... read more

Emerging souvenirs - clinical presentation of the returning traveller with imported arbovirus infections in Europe

Entered on 20-11-2018

Clinical Microbiology and Infection - March 2018  Authors: Eckerle I., Briciu V.T., Ergönül Ö., Papa A., Radulescu A., Tsiodras S., Tsitou C., Drosten C., Nussenblatt V.R., Reusken C.B., Sigfrid L., Beeching N.J.  Abstract Arboviruses are an emerging group of viruses that are causing increasing health concerns globally, including in Europe.... read more

Lassa fever Outbreak in Nigeria: How Prepared Are We?

Entered on 20-11-2018

Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research  - May 2018  Authors: Adeoti A.O., Ojiaku O., Sigfrid L.  Abstract Despite the discovery of Lassa fever nearly five decades ago, the disease is still endemic in West Africa. The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control’s (NCDC) weekly epidemiological report for the first 10 weeks in the ... read more

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