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PREPARE launches a series of 5 webinars

In the past seven years, many ground-breaking research studies, data analyses, reviews, and surveys have been performed under PREPARE’s umbrella. To celebrate the end of the project and showcase its many achievements and milestones to the outside world, PREPARE is launching a series of five webinars that will be held every Wednesday at 14:00 CET from 17 March to 14 April.


EU commits to tackling COVID-19 with RECOVER project

RECOVER is one of the 18 projects that the European Union has founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It aims to obtain crucial unknown information about the disease through clinical research to help the EU fight the virus and save patients’ lives. 

The novel coronavirus, which first erupted at the end of 2019 in mainland China and is now spreading across 210 countries and territories worldwide, is having a significant impact on our lives. The virus causes a respiratory disease called COVID-19 which passes rapidly from person to person and may be more severe than seasonal influenza. 

The research from RECOVER will help improve the EU’s response to future epidemics and pandemics.



Do you want to alert PREPARE to an ID threat?

Please note that PREPARE is currently focused on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic through an EU-funded project, RECOVER. The outbreak trigger form will be restored once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided.


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ECRAID-Plan Consortium & Working Group Meeting - Virtual meeting/ 03 March 2021

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