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PREPARE launches a series of 5 webinars

Entered on 10-02-2021

PREPARE launches a series of 5 webinars

In the past seven years, many ground-breaking research studies, data analyses, reviews, and surveys have been performed under PREPARE’s umbrella. To celebrate the end of the project and showcase its many achievements and milestones to the outside world, PREPARE is launching a series of five webinars that will be held every Wednesday at 14:00 CET from 17 March to 14 April.

The first session focuses on the MERMAIDS trials and will take you on a journey of exploring the reasons as to why some people with acute respiratory infections become more unwell than others. Can the expression of specific genes tell us why some people go on to develop more severe disease? Is this related to other clinical features such as comorbidity and type of infection? The third webinar will provide a top-level overview of what can be achieved in preparing for the next pandemic, and how important it is that we maintain our science base in readiness for future pandemics. The focus will be on influenza, a likely cause of future pandemics, but the messages from this session have broad application in relation to other viral outbreaks. The fourth session will have a look at the beauty, complexity and results from the REMAP-CAP trial, complemented by the description of yet another new platform trial for evaluating COVID-19 treatment in primary care.

The fifth and final webinar on 14 April is specifically addressed to policy makers: it will highlight the many lessons learned from PREPARE and RECOVER in their research response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, we look ahead by sharing a vision of a sustainable clinical research in Europe through ECRAID, a European-wide initiative with the goal of establishing a single-access clinical research network for infectious diseases.

To register to the PREPARE webinars and for more information, please visit:

Participation is free of charge, yet the number of virtual seats is limited. Registration will be closed once the limit has been reached.

You can follow PREPARE on Twitter as well!

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