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'How to prepare for and manage an acute respiratory pandemic' highlights and presentations on VLC!

Entered on 01-02-2018

Highlights and presentations from the  recent course 'How to prepare for and manage an acute respiratory pandemic' organised jointly by PREPARE/ERS/ECDC/ISARIC are now available at the PREPARE Virtual Learning Centre. Key speakers from ECDC, ISARIC and PREPARE workpackages are featured.  This is an essential resource during this influenza epi... read more

Should flu symptoms be treated with antivirals in primary care?

Entered on 25-01-2018

PREPARE’s ALIC4E clinical trial is the only study that is currently randomising patients to receive antiviral treatment or not. This study will answer the question about whether Ostletamivir is clinically and/ or cost effective or not when treating primary care patents with influenza-like illness. A press release with more information about this exciting and inn... read more

What is PREPARE doing about this season’s flu?

Entered on 25-01-2018

PREPARE has released a communication brief updating stakeholders on our activities related to this season’s influenza activity. 

Over 1000 patients for MERMAIDS!

Entered on 21-12-2017

The MERMAIDS studies have now recruited over 1000 patients. The Acute Respiratory Infection study has recruited 666, the Arbovirus study has recruited 412 and the Pediatric study has recruited 237 participants. The study teams and the recruiting sites across Europe have done a fantastic job and we are looking forward to continuing this into 2018.

Arbovirus workshop in Bucharest 21-23 March 2018

Entered on 05-12-2017

The PREPARE/ESCMID Arbovirus workshop 21 - 23 March 2018,  is now open for registration and attendance grants applications. There are a large number of grants available for young scientists/physicians/lab staff and ESCMID members, well worth applying for. The success rate has been around 80%. The grants c... read more

Top recruiting numbers for PED-MERMAIDS!

Entered on 30-11-2017

After steady recruitment in the summer months, September and October have seen a rise in the ARI patients presenting to the sites. We are pleased to say that this is being successfully translated into higher recruitment numbers for our study! September and October were by far the best recruiting months so far, and we have crossed the threshold of 200 patients last mon... read more

Successful ARI workshop @ERS Amsterdam

Entered on 16-11-2017

PREPARE WP9 in collaboration with WP1 - 3, 5 and 7, ERS and ECDC organized a successful workshop on managing acute respiratory infections pandemics in Amsterdam on 9-11 November, aimed at strengthening clinical preparedness to identification and management of outbreaks. Highlighting the need for and benefits of integrating clinical research responses with public ... read more

First public panel info meeting

Entered on 09-11-2017

WP1 held the first recruitment session of a public panel for PREPARE on 12th October at Chapter, a Community Arts Centre in Cardiff. A brief report is attached.  The purpose of the panel is to have an engaged and trained group of patient and public representatives who can be called on to give feedback to researchers as required. Two members of the panel have alr... read more

MERMAIDS-ARI season 3 begins!

Entered on 19-10-2017

Recruitment in the WP3 ARI observational study started on 1st October. Multiple sites have already reported recruiting their first patients and it is set to be a successful period of recruitment, with 34 sites currently open (see map).

Succesful second Preparedness exercise in Brussels

Entered on 12-10-2017

A second preparedness exercise to test and refine PREPARE’s Outbreak response capability took place on 3 October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop was an opportunity for PREPARE partners to review and further develop PREPARE’s Outbreak Clinical Research Modes planning which details how PREPARE responds to severe infectious disease (ID) outbreaks that... read more

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