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Smart, Innovative, Continuous: REMAP-CAP Launches First Video

Entered on 09-11-2020

REMAP-CAP, an Adaptive Platform Trial for Community-Acquired Pneumonia, launched its first in a series of videos. The video shows the uniqueness, smart, and easy-to-handle design of this trial. As an adaptive platform, REMAP-CAP is designed to adapt in the event of a pandemic, increasing the likelihood of patients receiving an effective treatment. Combatting antimi... read more

Why would people choose not to participate in clinical research?

Entered on 11-09-2019

"Levels of education and exposure all influence the way people respond to research". Watch our interview with Dr. John Amuasi!

How does PREPARE engage with members of the public?

Entered on 11-09-2019

Dr. Nina Gobat underlines the importance of public engagement in the PREPARE project.

What is the role of PREPARE?

Entered on 11-09-2019

"The focus of PREPARE is to look to how we can do clinical research during an infectious disease outbreak". Watch the interview of Dr. Nina Gobat on PREPARE!   

What is PREPARE?

Entered on 11-09-2019

Prof. Dr. Herman Goossens, coordinator of PREPARE, explains further the goal of this EU funded project. PREPARE is a network for harmonised large-scale clinical research studies on infectious diseases, prepared to rapidly respond to any severe ID outbreak, providing real-time evidence for clinical management of patients and for informing public health responses. ... read more

ALIC4E Final Meeting

Entered on 21-11-2018

The ALIC4E Trial: Antivirals for influenza Like Illness? An rCt of Clinical- and Cost-effectiveness in primary CarE is the first publicly-funded randomised controlled trial of its kind to assess the (cost-)effectiveness of antiviral treatment for influenza in primary care. At this final meeting that took place 3-4 October 2... read more


Entered on 21-11-2018

Want to know why clinical research is important during an epidemic? Have a listen to the fabulous speakers who attended our event with GloPID-R, "Reaching out: a meeting to advance clinical research preparedness for infectious disease outbreaks" in Brussels. #Research4Epidemics from PREPARE Europe on Vimeo.

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