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Emerging souvenirs - clinical presentation of the returning traveller with imported arbovirus infections in Europe

Entered on 20-11-2018

Clinical Microbiology and Infection - March 2018 

Authors: Eckerle I., Briciu V.T., Ergönül Ö., Papa A., Radulescu A., Tsiodras S., Tsitou C., Drosten C., Nussenblatt V.R., Reusken C.B., Sigfrid L., Beeching N.J. 


Arboviruses are an emerging group of viruses that are causing increasing health concerns globally, including in Europe. Clinical presentation usually consists of a nonspecific febrile illness that may be accompanied by rash, arthralgia and arthritis, with or without neurological or haemorrhagic syndromes. The range of differential diagnoses of other infectious and noninfectious aetiologies is broad, presenting a challenge for physicians. While knowledge of the geographical distribution of pathogens and the current epidemiological situation, incubation periods, exposure risk factors and vaccination history can help guide the diagnostic approach, the nonspecific and variable clinical presentation can delay final diagnosis.

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