Task 7.6: Ad-hoc development and deployment of detection assays in case of epidemics

In case of epidemics, we will use the combined power of this WP, supplemented by collaborating major projects such as EMPERIE and PREDEMICS, to develop and deploy detection assays with the sense of urgency needed for clinical service. We will use sequence information to design candidate real-time (RT)-PCR oligonucleotides and validate those. Provision contracts will be made with at least 3 oligonucleotide factories. Recombinant nucleic acid controls including plasmids for DNA organisms and RNA transcripts for RNA organisms will be generated and shipped to requesting entities inside and outside the consortium. Materials will be deposited in reference collections such as EVA and for bacteria, will be requested from the respective partners of the US/European public health initiatives. EQA studies will be conducted in collaboration with ENIVD.

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